Goodbye Grainy Texture

Each one of our baking blends are made with wholesome ingredients with a touch of natural sweetness (no gut harming sweeteners or sugar alcohols used!) Our blends are formulated to bring you the best taste and texture, while keeping our ingredients as minimal as possible. We believe in balance and encourage everyone to have a positive relationship with treats. Make it a family night, date night or simply bake alone at home -we promise you will enjoy our treats while making memories in the kitchen.

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  • Izzi M

    The protein doughnut mix is so easy to whip together and are one of my favourite go to snacks!! They're packed with clean protein and you can add whatever topping you want after they're baked.

  • Rajaa A

    I love Sweet Gainz mix. Minimal ingredients and I got myself a protein snack. The macro ratio is great. What I really love is that they are not very sweet and the sugar content is on point, it wont leave you with a sugar spike that creates a spiral of binging later on. Definitely a staple in my pantry for myself, hubby and my kids.

  • Olivia G

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SWEET GAINZ. The mix is so easy to throw together & I am addicted to the protein cookies. I would buy 100 packs of the mix if I could.

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